Europe’s Immigrants: "The New Face of Europe" Newsweek, Aug.13, 2001

(published in the Sept. 17, 2001 issue of Newsweek)

Your articles appear to be a blueprint for disaster and not the solution to Europe’s problems. Culturally homogeneous societies have existed since times immemorial. Whenever a minority population exceeded a certain percentage, ghettoization, pogroms, persecutions and exterminations have occurred. We should have learned at least this from the victims of the 20th century. New immigrants will be uprooted, their customs abandoned, old habits broken, simply because that way of life might nor be acceptable to the "natives". The riots in Bradford, Brixton and several French, German and Spanish towns evoke the spectre of pogroms and apartheid. Finally, after looting the Third World during two centuries of colonialism, is it morally defensible for the West to extract the intellectual life blood of developing countries by luring their doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs and scientists, while excluding menial workers who need jobs, just "to keep the economy humming"? Is it economically sound to support NGOs and spend billions in Foreign Aid while recruiting those people that these countries need most? It will only lead to even more impoverishment of developing countries. Wouldn’t it be better to "slow down Europe"?

Wilhelm Guschlbauer, Bures-sur-Yvette (France)