To the Editor of " Newsweek "

RE: "Blair vs. the Press" and "What scares CEOs" (Newsweek, May 21, 2001)

The two apparently unrelated articles demonstrate frighteningly the power of transnational corporations. Fleet Street’s gutter-press attacks Tony Blair, not only to keep him from joining the Euro, but also hinder him to introduce needed health and educational policies. The non-joining of Euroland has already cost the UK dearly, since the UK £ has risen against the Euro so much that UK products are not competitive anymore [see the sale of Rover by BMW]. During the recent mouth-and-claw epidemic the UK had to "borrow" vets from ... Europe.

In his illuminating interview Prof. Jeffrey E. GARTEN says that "The era of the swashbuckling CEO who enriches shareholders [...] is gone. The future is more genuinely global companies [...] that assume more social responsibilities." The Murdochs and Blacks [- neither of which is European -] don’t think that way. If they had their way, they shall nominate the future PMs in Europe. This shall be the end of democracy and European civilisation.

Wilhelm Guschlbauer, Bures-sur-Yvette (France)